Our Available services

Elite Telecom Public is dedicated to providing a seamless Network services that delivers consistent quality and intelligently controls the technological needs of our clients.


FTTx is a technology which provides fixed access platform to deliver the high speed broadband services to the subscriber whether it is a residence or home (FTTH), a building (FTTB), a node (FTTN) or desk (FTTD). To allow faster connections, the optical fiber gets closer and closer to the subscriber. Fiber to the home (FTTH) provides a full fiber network from the operator's central office directly to the customer's premises. FTTH is the most suitable choice for a long term objective and easier to increase the bandwidth in the future. Bandwidth on demand can be delivered by FTTH connectivity without changing the access fiber and home device. FTTH is future proof solution for providing broadband services such as Video on demand, Online Gaming, HD TV and VoIP.

Other Eligible services

We may provide the service from no.2 to 4 during next year.


2. Leased Line Vpn

3. ip transit

4. satellite

5. hosted pbx

6. voice over ip

7. video conferencing

8. iptv

9. cloud service

10. Game Hosting

11. email/web-hosting

12. Email Marketing